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All the STARS are getting them on their BIG NIGHT, and now so can you!

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We can't believe it ourselves!

How did the stars align for these immigrant boys' dreams to come true and have their treats go all the way to Hollywood?

This is such an honor, so we're dressing up in gold!
For the month of March,our Fudgiest Brownies Ever come dressed up in gold leaf, for that Million Dollar feeling!

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We've made it to Hollywood!

This year Wunderkeks will be a part of the Everyone Wins Nominee Gift Bag given to all acting and directing OscarsĀ® nominees!

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Treat yourself... like the stars!

Nicole Kidman, Will Smith, Kristen Stewart... they all have it! 

That red carpet glow comes from knowing you are only having the best of the best! Now you can share in!!

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See you at the Red Carpet, and be sure to dress to impress!