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We created Wunderkeks from our belief that consumer products, specificly food, and beverage, are the new external signifiers, and as such, brands have the power to become symbols of allyship and markers of safe spaces for the next generation of consumers.

Our Love Story

Luis and Hans are married couple that left their home country, Guatemala, three years ago, escaping life in a hyper-conservative, developing country where us, as a couple, as a family, were not allowed to exist. We were some of the few, privileged ones: we were educated and, though not wealthy, comfortable enough that this was an option.

From the Farmer's Market to a Multi-million cookie empire.

We landed in Austin and our little farmer’s market cookie business flourished. The brand started showing its true colors, literally and figuratively; you could see it in our socials that were soon flooded with dinosaurs in tutus, disco balls and, more importantly, pictures of us, clearly, freely presenting ourselves as a family.

Creating Safe Spaces for the community.

It took us a while to figure out what our purpose as entrepreneurs was: it was to enable the creation of SAFE SPACES. Why? How? Very easy: a treat is an opportunity to be vulnerable and say how we feel, ask for what we need. What if every cookie becomes an opportunity to be an ally?

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Moving forward...

It wasn't until a good friend introduced us to Jeff Furman, one of the minds behind Ben & Jerry’s, who agreed to join us as an advisor. The conversations we were having about our purpose as a company shifted from talking about ourselves, our experiences, and our desires to looking outward and listening to someone else’s.